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02/15/17: Began posting ‘The Unspoken Ally’, a NCIS/Harry Potter fusion.
11/10/16: Uploaded about half my old ‘Glee’ fanfiction. Uploaded my old NCIS:LA stories. Uploaded a stand-alone one-shot for “Thoughtcrimes” fandom. (Not all links work yet – I know this)
11/09/16: Launched Site. Still very “in progress” at this point.

This website is a place for me to publish my writing (fanfiction and original) under my own rules and restrictions. It’s my little slice of the internet – so my tolerance for trolls is non-existent. That being said feel free to comment on posts or contact me via email through the contact form available in the main menu. I’ll craft my responses at the same level of appropriateness.

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All story ratings will be clearly displayed. Please comply with standards and practices for where you (the reader) live. Accessing Mature material under the age of 18 is illegal.