The Unspoken Ally: Part Seven

Title: The Unspoken Ally
Author: bridgetlynn
Fandom/Genre: Harry Potter/NCIS Fusion
Relationship(s): pre-slash Tony DiNozzo/Sirius Black
Content Rating: R
Warnings: canon-level violence, language, fanon accepted conspiracy theories

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Necessary Evils

Title: Necessary Evils
Author: bridgetlynn
Rated: Teen
Genre: Friendship/General
Warnings: Language
Written: 09-01-10
Words: 3,736
Fandom: Thoughtcrimes

Note: Thoughtcrimes was a made for tv movie from 2003. It was originally supposed to be the pilot of a tv show but when it didn’t get picked up the inital filming was eventually released on DVD. I found it on youtube. It’s awesome and would have made an awesome tv show (then again by not getting picked up we got ‘Stargate: Atlantis’ and ‘Numb3rs’ sooo…bright side).

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