Glossary of Terms used in The Unspoken Ally

Expanding/Changing things in the HP Universe is one of my favorite things to do so I included a terminology key below for things that are either original ideas, things that show up in more then half of HP fanfic, some basic canon stuff (in case there’s anyone out there on the planet who hasn’t either read the HP books or seen the movies) and/or expansions of canon information with original twists.  Pay attention to the Family Magic definition as it’s a trope that has played a role in a LOT of stories but I (hopefully) put my own spin on the idea of it.

Auror: Magical Cop

Auror Academy: 16 month program (26 months if considering the ‘probie year’) to become an Auror. Entrance minimum requirements: NEWT O’s in DADA, Charms, Transfiguration and Potions and NEWT EE’s in Aritrimancy or Ancient Runes.

DMLE: Department of Magical Law Enforcement – falls under jurisdiction of the Ministry of Magic.

DOM: Department of Mysteries – falls under jurisdiction of The Crown directly. [Generally, considered the Magical Branch of Mi5 and Mi6.]

Family Magic: a Well of magic that grows stronger with each subsequent generation added to the Family starting with the first child birthed in a family line. (Ex: 2 muggleborns + child or 1 muggleborn, 1 muggle + child) The family name itself doesn’t matter – names change throughout history; therefore, the older the Family (pureblood or otherwise so long as the magic has continued uninterrupted in at least one member) the stronger and deeper the Well. Anyone with a blood connection to the family line feeds the Well with their own personal magical core while simultaneously the well shores up each family members magic reserves leading to a stronger core for each Witch or Wizard. The closer blood relation to the Patriarch (or Matriarch) and Heir (heads of the line) the stronger the connection to the Well – the only time this connection can be superseded is if the P(M)atriarch ritually elevates someone in the succession order giving their cores more access to the Well then they would have by blood. Only the P(M)atriarch and Heir have control and access over the Well for regular use; though it can be accessed by blood family members with permission of the P(M)atriarch to power rituals and ceremonies.

Hit Wizard: Top 10 of every Auror graduating class is offered to test for this qualification – usually 2 or 3 maximum pass. Cuts six months off probationary year, allows for ‘special assignments’ such as appointment to the IMB and ‘wet work’. Any Auror can request to take the test every two years (when it’s offered) with the Head Auror. Acceptance to test is based on job performance and closure ratings.

Hogsmeade: Unplottable magical village in Scotland.

Hogwarts: the UK’s magical boarding school located outside of Hogsmeade, Scotland.

ICW: International Confederation of Wizards [Essentially the Magical answer to the United Nations]

Ministry of Magic: UK’s magical government building.

IMB: Interpol Magical Branch [Interpol: intergovernmental organization facilitating international police cooperation]

International Mastery: Post-graduate work done directly through the ICW. Must have degree from Magical University or a single Mastery first. Useful for law, politics and medical fields as it allows for licensing in countries other then your own.

Mastery: Magical Britian’s version of a Bachelor’s degree. Length of time varies depending on concentration.

Patriarch or Matriarch: Head of a Magical Household. Mostly only acknowledged socially in the ‘Ancient and Noble’ houses of the Wizengamot; however, it is magically a position in any household that has at least one offspring. There is only one in each household – if a Patriarch is acknowledged by the Family Magic then his wife is not the Matriarch and vice versa.

Wizengamot: UK’s magical high court system.