Disclaimer: Glee was a television show created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan for Fox Television Networks. It aired from 2009 until 2015.

I went through a Glee phase when the show first aired; but by the time we got halfway through Season 3 they had completely lost me as I couldn’t stomach the “Finchel” show. So most of these were written pre-Season 3 and therefore anything canon later then the beginning of Season 3 doesn’t factor into any of the stories.

Third Time Around (Remixed) – An AU look at the universe in my story “Third Time Around” that answers the question: What would life have been like if Rachel had gone to Noah all those years earlier, like she thought she should have, instead of staying with Finn? *Mature*

The Moral of Her Story – Sometimes the fairytale ends with the not so charming prince winning the not so fair maiden’s heart. Or it would if they weren’t the two most stubborn people alive. Pezberry-friendship. Puckleberry-romance.

The Ultimatum – Puck and Rachel’s relationship reaches it’s breaking point when he can’t pretend that they’re merely friends anymore.

Sibling Rivalry – Rachel thinks about her children while observing them in their natural habitat – her living room.

The Winner Takes All – Puck’s fame has turned Rachel’s life into an on-going ‘battle’ she didn’t expect she just wishes they would accept that she’s already won : Rachel Berry vs. the Noah Puckerman Fan Club

Revisiting the Past – “I don’t want to be the one that got away. I want to be the one you never let go.”

Repercussions – Rachel and Finn break up because he decides he needs to leave a legacy at McKinley so he has to be popular again. Part of him getting back in with the popular crowd? He slushies Rachel. Puck is not pleased!

A Question of Fidelity – Puck poses a question to Finn after being told a secret that snaps his last thread of patience.

And I Waited – “I’m afraid of losing you when you’re not even mine.”

One Small Problem – Lil!Puck & Lil!Rachel run away from home

My First Kiss Went a Little Like This – “Rachel and Puck were actually each others first kiss when they were 7 and Rachel was dared to; so, she tackled him and laid one on him.”

A Different Perspective – Being in love is like wearing blinders. What if those blinders were up out of fear of what they wouldn’t see in someone else? Puck tries to make Rachel see the truth in her relationship with Finn and reveals everything she was afraid shed never see in him

I Can’t Stop Drinking About You – He’s her best friend and she’s tried for years to get him to let go of the ghost of a past relationship before it destroys the success he’s built himself and drives him into an early grave. Today certainly isn’t the day she’s going to give up.

Explanations & Expectations – Puck’s been avoiding Rachel to protect her from the pain of Shelby being back. He doesn’t want to potentially lose his friend because one of the worst moments of her life has led to one of the best moments of his. Rachel’s quick to set him straight.

Best Friends Know Best – “Technically, I’m single. Emotionally, I’m taken because in my heart, I’ll always be his girl even if he doesn’t know at all.” – Future AU PR-Drabble told from Santana’s POV as a 3rd party observer who just so happens to also be their mutual best friend